Wadhwani Foundation – Case Study

Wadhwani Foundation – Case Study

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Skill Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Wadhwani Foundation using Tribyte Interactive Learning Platform

Launched in 2000 by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, the Foundations comprising of Wadhwani Charitable Foundation and Wadhwani Operating Foundation are working with the primary mission of accelerating economic development in emerging economies through large-scale job creation with the presence in Asia, Africa and Latin America operating in association withgovernments, corporates, mentors, investors and educational institutes. Its Initiatives are driving job creation through entrepreneurship, skills development and innovation. National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) , Global Innovation Network (GIN), Global Skills Network (GSN) , Policy Research Network (PRN) are some of the programs which runs under Wadhwani Foundation.

Driving job creation through entrepreneurship and skills development.

Foundation was looking for a EduTech solution which can work for their two big programs National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) and Global Skill Development Network.(GSN).

The requirements were unique in a way where

  • NEN was targeting Higher Ed and target audience are students who have completed degree and have access to internet and smart phones
  • GSN was targeting schools and colleges for basic and advanced skills. Connectivity was big challenge and whole solution must work offline
  • Management wanted an Analytics Dashboard which allowed them to slice and dice the usage pattern and behavior of users in online or offline.
  • Learning Material varied from Adobe Illustrate scorm content to HD videos with assessment using various types of questions.
  • New and updated learning material needed to be made available to all school in a continuous manner.
  • Solution to be available on all devices with the ability to package the content in various storage mediums which can be sent through courier and installed by faculty from the institute.
  • Flexibility to Integrate with their internal systems which managed other administration like registration and other entrepreneur programs
  • Support for Localization and Globalization
  • Solution to have flexibility to define different learning path for different countries with localized and contextual content which made learning interesting and fun.

Wadhwani Foundation leverages Tribyte’s end-to-end learning platform to deliver their Entrepreneurial and Skill development programs across geographies. Platform provides the same product experience to both, tier 1 cities and remote locations.

The platform offers faculty and learners with two modes, Classroom mode and Self-study mode. The course content delivered, combines the best of classroom learning and self-study material. Apart from the interactive classroom activities, it also provides Learners access to quality teachers, their complete lectures, engaged learning, doubt clearing sessions, assessments, personalized feedback and peer learning. The platform is used by learners from different parts of the world, the content and application is supported in 4 different languages.

  • Access to high quality concept videos, self-study materials, Assessments
  • Web based access, Mobile Application, Native offline Windows Application
  • Provides detailed Course progress to the Learner and Faculty
  • Student gets access to faculty Notes
  • Custom learning path depending on the regional training requirement
  • Usage report based on Classroom and Self-study Mode
  • Online and offline Usage reports
  • Auto update or Sync mechanism for new content or application updates
  • Secured solution which protects against content being copied or shared
  • API made available to integrate with other internal systems to share both academics as well as operational Data
  • Foundation Team can access customized reports/analytics across Programs, Batches, countries while Faculty members are provided access to dashboards and progress status for their respective batches


Learning and Training programs deployed across India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico and East Africa

  1. Unified Platform with access to learning material online and offline across GSN and NEN.
  2. Reporting Dashboard which help them to analyze the usage and improve the efficacy of the program.
  3. Scale the solution to all school and colleges in remote places in a cost-effective way.
  4. Define different learning path for different countries with localized contextual explanation and learning materials
  5. Ease of localization to different languages.
  6. Different Applications for different geographical requirements.
  7. Technology Partner who adapts the platform and solution to changing needs