Providing Availability, Accessibility & Affordability of better equipped Teacher to the rural K-12 ecosystem

Providing Availability, Accessibility & Affordability of better equipped Teacher to the rural K-12 ecosystem

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About the Company

Cloud-Tutors, an educational product and services arm of Connecting The Dots (CTD), a revolutionary idea of beaming live classes directly into classrooms by expert teachers, mostly IITians, who complement and supplement the teaching done by the school’s teachers by using intelligent breakdown of lesson-plans to provide seamless teaching to students.

The founding principles of CTD’s are:

  • improve the quality of education, and
  • improve access to and affordability of top-quality education especially to students from economically challenged backgrounds, those in Tier II and III towns and villages and those studying in the vernacular medium.

The Challenge

Cloud-Tutors needed a stable and scalable platform which provided both the Live Class streaming capabilities and features supporting Operational activities. Some of the key requirements were:

  • Schedule and upload Annual academic calendar, mapped to multiple schools and Teachers
  • Execute multiple LIVE sessions simultaneously
  • Automated process to Recorded videos to be made available for the students
  • Objective as well as subject Assessment to grade the students
  • Automatic attendance Email/SMS/Reports
  • Free user registration workflow and Payment Gateway integration
  • User management in all in one place
  • Support to conduct the session from multiple studios
  • The authentication mechanism to support walk-in faculties to start the sessions from any studio

The Solution & Benefits accrued

A White-Labelled LMS with API integrations with Clients business portal, and Custom report dashboards was configured, and launched in 3 weeks. Students had access to Live classes through Browser and Mobile App, while Teachers could login from multiple Cloud-Tutor Studios.

Over a period of time Cloud-Tutors was able to expand market to other states, with their 3-key product/service offerings (Core connect, Success connect and future connect). Cloud-Tutor also expanded to B2C model, in addition to their direct-to-schools’ model. The platform was subsequently configured to also support Cloud-Tutor’s funder(sponsor) based programs.

Through the LMS Platform, Cloud-Tutors reaches out to over 14,000 students, studying across 75 schools, and has over 30 teachers delivering the programs through 8 studios. The program also has helped Pass percentages improved to 80-90%. from 40-50% in government schools. Classes are conducted for students studying in vernacular medium like Kannada as well as in English medium.

Cloud-Tutors continues to Connect-the-dots on the education map of India.