Scaling Success with Cost-Effective Secure Tests!

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Meeting Unique Test-Taking Needs: One of our esteemed clients presented us with a unique challenge – they needed a test-taking feature that ensures:

  • No App Switching: Students should not navigate to other applications while taking the test.
  • Internet Lockdown: To prevent cheating, students must not connect to the internet during the test.
  • Alerts and Auto-Submission: If students attempt to minimize the app or switch to other applications, the app should issue alerts and auto-submit the test after defined alerts.

Tired of expensive proctoring solutions that just don’t cut it? Tribyte’s got you covered with our cutting-edge Secure Test Taking feature, designed to revolutionize your test preparation experience!

Effortless Test Creation: Create your tests effortlessly and efficiently.

Title Suggestion: “Tribyte’s TestForge: Crafting Knowledge, Securing Success!”

Cost-Effective & Scalable: Say goodbye to the high costs of existing proctoring solutions. Tribyte offers an affordable option that scales seamlessly to accommodate frequent testing.

Flexible Test Schedules: Daily, monthly, quarterly – you name it! Customize your test frequency to suit your learning needs.

User Identity Verification: Ensure test integrity with user photographs captured at the beginning of each test.

Airplane Mode Lockdown: No distractions allowed! Users are forced into Airplane mode while taking tests, providing a distraction-free environment.

Fully Downloaded Tests: No more worries about interrupted connections. All tests are fully downloaded for uninterrupted performance.

No More Screenshots: Bid farewell to cheating! Tribyte prevents users from taking screenshots within the app.

Alerts on App Switching: If users try to navigate away from the test, Tribyte alerts them, ensuring test focus. After several alerts, the test is auto-submitted.

Strict Time Limits: Tests are time-bound, so you’ll always stay on track and complete your assessments within the defined time.

Compatible with All Android Versions: Tribyte’s Secure Test Taking feature is compatible with all Android mobile versions, making it accessible to everyone.

No Third-Party Integration: You won’t need to hassle with third-party tools. Tribyte offers an all-in-one solution.

User Identity Protection: Your identity is recorded, ensuring a secure testing environment and preventing sharing and copying.

Upgrade your test-taking experience with Tribyte’s Android App – where convenience meets security!