Data Driven Test
Preparation Plaform

Comparitive Analysis. Mock Test Engine . Leader Boards

TestPrep is a cutting-edge solution designed for improving results.

TriByte’s TestPrep platform takes test prep to a whole new level. Be it regular school exams or competitive exams, TestPrep is geared to improve the test performance of the student while helping tutors deliver measurable results. Its intuitive technology is designed to provide functional flexibility that is unparalleled.

Why use TriByte in TestPrep?

Supports all competitive exam formats:

TriByte’s TestPrep Platform is elastic enough to accommodate test structures that are unique to various competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, IIT and more. Whatever the variation in format, TestPrep can support it easily.

Data-driven tutoring platform:

Improve and enrich your lesson plans with insights derived from multiple parameters including usage patterns, coverage, schedules and more.

Learning platform and Mobile App white-labeling:

Use TestPrep platform and mobile app as your own unique content delivery platform with your brand and logo, creating a distinct identity for your educational institution.

Customized marketing portal for your courses :

TestPrep online interface can be tailored to suit your special marketing requirements – from the user interface to pricing plans and more – delivering your products and services just as you’d like them.

Programmable Test/Assessment Engine :

Define your own rules for the assessment / test engine for any and every test that you design and upload – from mock tests to simulated tests.

LMS Technology Suite for franchises and study centers:

Be deployment-ready with the complete suite that allows you to focus on scalability while maintaining quality across all centers.

Supported Learning-Teaching Style

Self-paced Learning

Students can learn at their own pace and move to the next lesson only after they thoroughly understand the current lesson.

Blended Learning

Supports a combination of instructor-led learning and self-paced learning with rich media that enhances the learning experience.

Remedial Learning

Strengthens concepts through revisions or mock tests after the Assessment Engine has identified the gaps.

One-on-One tutoring

Tutors can conduct one-on-one special tutoring online based on the student’s need with flexi-time top up.

Main Features

Customizable marketing site

Customize the landing page and user interface to reflect your unique proposition, highlighting and showcasing critical features of your course.

Mobile & tablet-based learning

TriByte’s mobile app with offline capability gives students the flexibility to use their mobile device or tablets to learn at their convenience.

Practice Tests & Time-bound Tests

Create mock tests or practice tests which can be time-bound or have negative marking.

Analytical reports for learner & tutor

Insightful data-rich reports with student performance analysis and global as well as granular drill-down data on course coverage, course completion and more.

Comparative performance analysis

Students can evaluate their test performance and check which percentile they fall under in their peer group.

Faculty blogs

Tutors and faculty can upload blogs on specific topics and share with students, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Note taking

While accessing chapters on any particular subject, students can take notes directly online and save it for later.

Feedback management

Educators and course-builders can receive feedback from learners which can be used to improve their course offerings.

Supports private tutoring

Tutors can have one-on-one private sessions with students online

Payment gateway integrations

Most preferred payment gateways are integrated with the platform or we can integrate with your existing payment gateway systems as well.

Social Sign On

Sign in with your social identity like FB or Google+ for easy and anytime access to the platform

CRM integration

Easily integrates with existing CRM systems without disruption and works in tandem to enhance the overall user experience.

Course management

Track, report and deliver your lessons from one easy to use platform.

Mock Test management

Simulate the actual test environment with a mock-test bank available for easy creation of tests.

Badges & Leader boards

Leader boards and ratings for assignments with peer groups create a competitive and fun learning experience for students.

Discussion forums

Discussion forums enable students to discuss and clear specific doubts with instructors or other students. Teachers also have the facility to create/link blogs to share information with a larger audience.

Ask a tutor

Students can request for time with specific tutors or faculty to clear doubts on any particular topic.

Customized tutor dashboard

Do a lot more with dashboards that give you detailed information on test schedules, webinars, lesson progression and more.

Live Webinars

Teachers can schedule live classroom sessions which gives the students a chance to interact with their teachers and other students in real-time.

Subscription management

Set up your own pricing models and manage the delivery of courses and control the validity of your course content

App notifications

Get notifications on assignment updates, lessons submitted, tests taken and more.

DRM, Data Security and Privacy

TriByte ensures content security and personal/user information security, so that your personal information is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Offline distribution technology

Mobile, offline and server syncing for seamless distribution of content any internet or any other costly distribution infrastructure.