The smart K12 platform for
new-gen learning.

Self-paced learning . Remedial learning . Learning made fun and effective.

Why use TriByte for K-12?

Complete integrated learning platform:

TriByte for K-12 empowers teachers to develop courses that are engaging, online, and easily integrates with existing learning systems, payment gateways, or CRMs without a hassle.

Making learning engaging and fun:

Include videos, games and social learning tools into your courses and add a fun element to your teaching sessions.

Safe & Secure Learning:

Content security and personal information is safe and cannot be accessed or stolen easily.

Professional development for

With multi-media enablement, dashboards, analytics, and more, teachers equip themselves with new-gen learning platforms.

Supported Learning-Teaching Style

Self-paced Learning 

Students can learn at their own pace and move to the next lesson only after they thoroughly understand the current lesson.

Blended Learning

We offer features which support a combination of instructor-led learning and self-paced learning with rich media enhancing the learning experience.

Flip classroom

Allows students to prepare for a subject at home, and work on subject-related problem-solving and questions for deeper understanding in the online classroom.

Remedial Learning

Helps in strengthening concepts through revisions by taking students to a specific lesson or subject material after the Assessment Engine has identified the gaps.

Sequential Learning

Create sequential learning paths for multiple lessons so students can learn chronologically.

Manage Learning Stages

Students can unlock different stages of their lessons on successful completion of the previous stage and can pick up the courses from where they had left off.

Main Features

Single Sign On Integration

TriByte can facilitate a quick and seamless integration with your existing learning systems and become its extension.


Dashboards, multi-teacher support, ratings for assignments and social engagement via blogs and discussion forums create a stimulating experience.

Assessment engine

Create online assessment tools for students and track their progress regularly through testing and scoring.

Share Homework/Assignment

Teachers can create electronic homeowrk/ assignments and share it with students using TriByte and collect evidences when students upload task-related video, images, presentations and more.

Engaging Content player

TriByte’s platform makes the online learning experience more engaging and more effective for students through its interactive features like embedding of questions in the existing video content or taking notes.

Topic/Content based discussion forums

Discussion forums enable students to discuss and clear specific doubts with instructors or other students. Teachers also have the facility to create/link blogs to share information with a larger audience.

Usage report

Easily track and manage lesson/ module completion and access reports to track Self or Batch learning progress.

DRM, Data Security and Privacy

TriByte ensures content security and personal/user information security, so that your personal information is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone.

On premise deployment

TriByte’s expert team will assist and support the deployment of the platform at your location.

Mobile & Tablet-based learning

TriByte’s mobile app with offline capability gives students the flexibility to use their mobile device or tablets to learn at their convenience.

Course management

Track, report and deliver your lessons from one easy to use platform.


Robust reporting allows teachers, parents and the school management to track completion, student progress and evaluate learning effectiveness.

App Notifications

Students and teachers can get notifications on assignments delivered or submitted and enables them to be up to date with social interactions, new lessons, reviews, scoring and more.

Truly offline capability

TriByte provides students offline access to course materials, anytime, anywhere.

Live Class/Sessions

Teachers can schedule live classroom sessions which gives the students a chance to interact with their teachers and other students in real-time.

SIS integration capability

TriByte’s platform can easily integrate with the existing Student Information System schools and educational institutions use for recording personal details of students.

Learning Platform and App white-labeling

Use your unique logo to customize the appearance of the platform. With TriByte we can customize the mobile app UI or Workflow to reflect your school or educational instituion’s theme.

Offline content sync

TriByte’s mobile, offline and server syncing feature means distribution of lessons can happen seamlessly without any internet or any other costly distribution infrastructure.