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The platform that makes learning memorable and measurable.

TriByte’s learning enablement platform helps students to learn better with technology-backed delivery of educational content. Tutors and educational institutions, schools and MOOCs can expect better learning outcomes from their students with improved teaching tools. TriByte’s cloud-based, feature-rich solution HigherEd is built to empower, enrich, and enhance teaching delivery that makes learning memorable and measurable.

Why use TriByte in HigherEd?

Easily adaptable, improves learner retention:

HigherEd can be easily adapted to traditional modes of learning with rich media and multiple formats, making it interactive and improving learner retention.

Measure learning outcomes:

Understand the learning that learners have achieved as a result of the specific course or programme. For e.g., comprehension or speed reading, etc.

Efficient support process:

TriByte has a streamlined and efficient support system that you can reach out to resolve platform issues quickly.

MOOCS & rich learner data:

MOOCS can use the detailed analysis of student demographics and content popularity to deliver relevant courses that are in demand.

Supported Learning-Teaching Style

Self-paced Learning

Students can learn at their own pace and move to the next lesson only after they thoroughly understand the current lesson.

Blended Learning

HigherEd supports a combination of instructor-led learning and self-paced learning with rich media, enhancing the learning experience.

Flip classroom

Allows students to prepare for a subject at home, and work on subject-related problem-solving and questions for deeper understanding in the online classroom.

Remedial Learning

Helps in strengthening concepts through revisions by taking students to a specific lesson or subject material after the Assessment Engine has identified the gaps.

Sequential Learning

Create sequential learning paths for multiple lessons so students can learn chronologically.

Manage Learning Stages

Students can unlock different stages of their lessons on successful completion of the previous stage and can recommence the specific module from where they had left off.

Main Features

Scalable and highly available platform

HigherEd is designed to auto-scale giving MOOCs and educational institutions the ability to scale with 99% uptime. So no more limits on number of students enrolling into your programme.

Mobile & Tablet-based learning

TriByte’s mobile app with offline capability gives students the flexibility to use their mobile device or tablets to learn at their convenience.

Leader boards & Gamification

Leader boards and ratings for assignments with peer groups create a competitive and fun learning experience for students.

Assessment engine

Create online assessment tools for students and track their progress regularly through testing and scoring.

Discussion forums & groups

Discussion forums enable students to discuss and clear specific doubts with instructors or other students.

Course Completion Certificate

Can create completion certificates and send by email or for download whenever students complete a course.

Ask an expert

Students can request for time with specific tutors or faculty to clear doubts on any particular topic.

Truly offline capability

HigherED provides students offline access to course materials, anytime, anywhere.

DRM, Data Security and Privacy

HigherEd ensures content security and personal/user information security, so that your personal information is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone.

On premise deployment

TriByte’s expert team will assist and support the deployment of the platform at your location.

Single Sign On & Social Sign on

Sign in with your social identity like FB or Google+ for easy and anytime access to the platform. With HigherEd you can also use one set of credentials to login to multiple applications.

Online Textbook Library

Universities and colleges can give access to publishers and content providers to help develop an online library.

Webcast / Live Class Sessions

Teachers can schedule live classroom sessions which gives the students a chance to interact with their teachers and other students in real-time.

Course management

Tracking, reporting and delivering lessons from one easy to use platform.

Learning Exercises

Tutors can develop and create multi-format learning exercises for students.

Reports for parents, teachers & universities

Robust reporting allows teachers, parents and the universities to track completion, student progress and evaluate learning effectiveness.

App Notifications

Students and teachers can get notifications on assignments delivered or submitted and enables them to be up to date with social interactions, new lessons, reviews, scoring and more.

Engaging Content player

HigherEd has interactive features like embedding of questions in the existing video content or taking notes.

SIS integration capability

HigherED can easily integrate with the existing Student Information System universities and educational institutions use for recording personal details of students.

Learning Platform and App white-labeling

Use your unique logo to customize the appearance of the platform. With TriByte you can customize the mobile app UI or Workflow to reflect your educational institution‘s theme.

Offline content sync

TriByte’s mobile, offline and server syncing feature means distribution of lessons can happen seamlessly without any internet or any other costly distribution infrastructure.

Share content links

Faculty has the facility to create/link blogs to share information with students or their peers which can add value to the topic or subject.