Increase the impact of your
learning programs.

Make learning programs inclusive, accessible and effective

Make the Knowledge base accessible to anyone through our affordable and easy to use learning technology.

TriByte’s cloud-based learning management system helps government agencies provide learner-centric programs along with skills upgrading and training programs to people living even in the remotest village.

TriByte offers an online centralized learning platform which enables learners to realize their true potential by strengthening their knowledge, skill and professional competencies.

Why use TriByte for Government?

Reach to the most Remote Villages:

TriByte helps government agencies strengthen the knowledge development in remote villages, by providing educational resources through online and offline learning platforms.

Truly Offline Capability:

Offline access to course materials, anytime, anywhere.

Highly Customizable Content Distribution Platform:

TriByte allows for easy creation of web-based courses which can be customized to suit the need of the hour. Courses can be easily distributed to various channels as well.

Scalable and Highly Available Platform:

TriByte’s delivery platform is robust enough to serve the needs of thousands of learners simultaneously.

Data Security and Privacy:

TriByte ensures content security and personal/user information security, so that your personal information is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Main Features

Mobile & Tablet-based learning

TriByte’s mobile app with offline capability gives users the flexibility to use their mobile device or tablets to learn at their convenience.

Multi-lingual support

We have adapted our platform to support a number of languages to suit the user’s preferences.

Skill Reports

Robust reporting allows the agencies and institutions to track the progress of the training and re-evaluate their investments.

Topic/Content based discussion forums

Discussion forums enable users to discuss and clear specific doubts instantly. Trainers also have the facility to create/link blogs to share information with a larger audience.

Ask an expert

Users can request for time with specific trainers to clear doubts on any topics. They can also post their questions and receive a response from an expert.

Usage report

Easily track and manage lesson/ module completion and access reports to track Self or Batch learning progress.


Users will be notified of upcoming events and social awareness programs through regular announcements. Various environmental reports such as drought prediction reports will also be shared with them to keep them updated.

Course management

Track, report and deliver your lessons from one easy to use platform.

Skill Assessment features

TriByte offers a skill assessment feature which evaluates the learner’s level of competency so they can pursue or improve their existing skills/ vocation.

Truly offline capability

TriByte provides users offline access to course materials, anytime, anywhere.

Live Class /Sessions

Trainers can schedule live classroom sessions which gives the users a chance to interact with their trainers and other users in real-time.

Support for users

TriByte offers all-round multi-language support to all its users covering all topics and provides assistance with curriculum and assessment management.

Offline content sync

TriByte’s mobile, offline and server syncing feature means distribution of programs can happen seamlessly without any internet or any other costly distribution infrastructure.

News Update

Users will have access to relevant news so they can stay current and up to date on developments that are directly related to them.

Data Management

Track and deliver any static content such as Case Studies, News Clips, Circular or Application Forms from one easy-to-use platform.