Product training . Complaince training . Skill training made effective

Offering a professional training experience.

TriByte’s training software helps organizations build, deliver and manage courses from a domain which can be customized to reflect the organization’s brand. This cloud based corporate training system offers employees, customers, and business partners the opportunity to improve their skill set and stay on top of the changing company policies, compliance and other training requirements - and all this can be accessed from virtually any smart phone or tablet.

Why TriByte?

Make employee training and development engaging:

Include videos, games and social learning tools into your courses and add a fun element to your training sessions.

Track progress through
consistent reports:

Track your trainee’s progress, test scores, and rate their progress as well, as and when needed.

Aligned to your business goals:

Customize the training content structure, methods and analytics to reflect your business goals and tailor the system to fit in your organization’s precise needs.

Supported Corporate Training

Product Training

Train sales professionals on product knowledge and process updates through engaging and mobile-friendly courses.

Compliance Training

With TriByte’s platform, organizations can deliver effective compliance training at regular intervals through a variety of learning strategies.

Customers Training

Easily communicate and share training information about your company and products with customers and employees, to increase customer satisfaction through impeccable customer support.

Partners Training

Get all your channel partners on one platform and ensure they are trained on your products and services, no matter where they are.

Sales Training

TriByte’s learning management system provides many affordable options for hosting your sales and marketing training sessions while addressing all unique marketing needs.

Employees Training

Identify your employee skills gaps, create interactive training sessions and bridge this gap through timely employee training – all from one platform.

Managers Training

Assign, monitor and analyze critical managerial training to ensure your managers are on track and in compliance with their duties.

Leadership Training

TriByte’s platform brings unmatched convenience and flexibility to today’s leadership training programs and helps organizations track their future leaders.

Main Features

Single Sign On Integration

TriByte can facilitate a quick and seamless integration with your existing corporate infrastructure/systems and become its extension.

Video Conference and Live Sessions

Schedule live training sessions and conferences. Give your trainees a chance to interact with instructors and peers in real time.

Data Security and Privacy

TriByte ensures content security and personal/user information security, so that your personal information is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Skill Based Learning

Easily create skill-based learning programs to map skills to the courses or learning programs, and helps assign or enroll employees for the right training needs.

Sequential Learning

Create sequential learning paths for multiple courses so trainees can proceed through the courses chronologically.

Manage Review & Approval

Our built-in tools allow you to manage and review/approve, enrollment requests, training reviews on repartees, any workflow which requires a manager’s approval.

Training Course Management

Track, report and deliver your training sessions
from one easy to use platform.


Create, award and manage certification of your employees and increase the credibility of your courses.

Engaging Content Player

TriByte’s platform makes the online learning experience more engaging and more effective for learners through its interactive features like embedding of questions in the existing video content or taking notes.

Manage Stages

Trainees can unlock different stages of the training program, on successful completion of the previous stage and can pick up the courses from where they had left off.

Assessment Engine

Create online assessment tools for employees and track their progress regularly through testing and scoring.

Reports – Business, Manager

Robust reporting and analytics allows you to track completions, learner progress, and employee/team skill
updation and evaluate the course effectiveness.

Mobile App

TriByte’s mobile app with offline capability gives learners the flexibility to use their mobile device to learn, at their convenience.